January 20th, 2019- CCIA Meeting

NOTE BUYING - A Smart Investment Alternative

Donna Bauer, nationally known as The NoteBuyer, is one of the country's most recognized authorities on Discounted Notes, Seller Financing and Defaulted Notes.  For over two decades, Donna has shared her exclusive wealth-building strategies and helped thousands of individuals to create, build and maintain financial freedom.

Donna's extensive real estate background enables her to bring a wealth of knowledge to her students and uniquely qualifies her to integrate her exclusive creative note buying strategies into all areas of real estate investing.

At our CCIA meeting discover how to:

  • Create Quick Cash and Long Term Cash Flow with 3 Basic Note Buying Strategies - Without your own cash or credit
  • Evaluate 4 Critical Areas before Buying A Note
  • Create an "Ultra Safe" deal - even in a down market
  • Buy "Part of a Note" for super high returns and safety
  • Create SMART Seller Financing for Maximum Cash Out later
  • Buy and Sell Properties without ever needing a bank

Donna will be quick to tell you that in her lifetime, she has never seen so many amazing opportunities with notes!  



CCIA - Monthly Meeting Details:
Date:  Sunday, January 20th, 2019

Time:  5:30pm-9:00pm
The Embassy Suites, Lombard, IL
Members: CCIA members current on their dues attend FREE
Non-Members: $15/per person guest fee
Membership Plans: $99/1-year, $149/2-years (2nd person on membership is FREE)

5:00-5:30PM - Atrium

  • Network with Fellow Investors
  • Deal / Handout Table - Bring your flyers & business cards to advertise your deals or services
  • Vendors - Learn about products & services to build your team
  • "Ask The Accountant" Jim Cunningham - Cunningham & Co.

5:30PM - Main Meeting Room

  • Legislative Updates:  Jane Garvey 
  • Real Estate Strategies: Steve Smullin 
  • Property & Deal Presentations -- Come prepared -- what benefits do you seek?
  • Formal Networking