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WHOLESALING: The Rapid Cash Generator Masterclass


Saturday, November 3rd, 2018

NIU Naperville Campus

9am - 3pm - Full Day Training

Your Tuition includes Lunch!


Good friend and Special Guest, Tom  Zeeb, has graciously agreed to come back and teach us all about his Rapid Cash Generator in a one day masterclass on Saturday, November 3rd from 9am to 3 pm!

There are 5 Elements That Drive a Successful Real Estate Investing Business:

#1 Master Marketing: From Marketing Tumbleweeds to Marketing Stampede!

  • Cut through the noise, destroy the competition & get sellers contacting you!
  • Strategies that work in today's market (the economy has changed things)
  • How to become a magnet for CONSISTENT motivated seller leads

#2 Seal The Deal:  Getting Sellers to go from NO to YES

  • The special techniques that get sellers to drop their price fast
  • Learn the frameworks to negotiate with ease (even if you fear it)
  • How to get the best price & best terms to maximize your profits

#3 Know What The Property Is Really Worth: From Uncertainty to Certainty

  • The 3 keys to a property's value
  • Where to get property comparables
  • How to determine value of property

#4 How To Get The Numbers Right

  • Learn to identify the 3 critical numbers & how they work together
  • Determine these numbers with ease
  • What to do if you get stumped on the numbers

#5 Using The Right Contracts: From Legal Ignorance to Legal Percision

  • Learn the key clauses your sales contracts must have
  • Finally understand the tricky legal lingo
  • How to protect yourself so you never get legally stuck with a bad deal

Tom is going to be showing us:

  1. How to Generate Rapid Cash
  2. Dynamic Secrets to Quickly Flip Properties With No Cash, No Risk, No Tenants
  3. How to Create a Monthly Income of $10,000 or More
  4. How to build a marketing system that finds quality motivated sellers
  5. Marketing techniques to get your phone ringing off the hook with motivated sellers
  6. How to turn luke-warm leads into red-hot deals
  7. Power Negotiation Strategies to Get Sellers Saying "Yes"
  8. How to control a deal to ensure you get paid
  9. How to determine the critical numbers you need to know for Rapid Cash Generation
  10. How to estimate repairs quickly and accurately
  11. How to build your real estate business fast
  12. How to build your dream team to get the deals done
  13. Techniques that work for wholesaling, rehabbing, or rentals
  14. Strategies that work in today's market
  15. How to do deals tax-free in your IRA
  16. How to build a lifestyle business that sets you free
  17. How to maximize the 4 F's: Fun Time, Freedom, Finances, & Family
  18. How to build a solid, steady, and consistent income stream.
  19. How to be independent and to be your own boss.
  20. How to protect your family and your  future, retire in 5 to 8 short years, and break out of the rat race so  you can maximize the real estate lifestyle to its fullest.

…And much more! 

And that is not even the best news!  This game changing class is only $49 for members and $79 for non-members, and…it includes lunch!!!

So, if you want to go from spinning your wheels to profitable deals, make sure you reserve a seat today for Saturday, November 3rd for this Rapid Cash Generator workshop (9 am to 3 pm with lunch included) NIU Naperville Campus, 1120 E. Diehl Rd., Naperville, IL.

Join us! Don't let your competition get a leg up on you!

Full Day Training 

Time:  9am-3pm

      Check-in opens at 8:30am  

Location:  NIU Naperville Campus 

Price:  $49 for CCIA Members 

Non-Member per-person price $79  Join CCIA and take advantage of the Member Pricin