December 16th 2018 - CCIA Meeting

Alternative Asset Investing: Leveraging Self-Directed IRAs

Self-Directed IRA/401(k) investing, although widely misunderstood and underutilized, allows investors to architect a diversification strategy with assets often not found in traditional asset allocation models. 

A self-directed IRA puts you in the driver's seat of your financial future.  The power of a self-directed IRA comes from the almost endless investment options including, but not limited to, real estate, mortgage notes and trust deeds, small businesses, joint ventures, private equity, and precious metals. 

Roberta Hudy understands small business ownership.  She has been an entrepreneur for over 25 years and is passionate about real estate  She will present a comprehensive self-directed IRA/401(k)  program, providing useful tools, resources, and insight into Self-Directed IRAs.

 The tactics discussed will demonstrate methods to potentially eliminate capital gains tax and ordinary income taxes within your real estate and or alternative investment assets through tax-advantaged retirement accounts. You will leave this training with the knowledge and guidance to formulate and implement alternative investing into your own financial plan.

Real Estate and similar assets are among the most popular options for Self-Directed investors.  Some of the real estate related investments you can make when you self-direct an IRA include:

  • Commercial
  • Residential 
  • Undeveloped Land
  • Mobile Homes
  • Foreign Real Estate

In addition, there are a number of acquisition and selling strategies involved in real estate investing including:

  • Rehabbing and Reselling
  • Foreclosures and REOs
  • Wholesaling
  • Options

Equity Trust is a National REIA Industry partner and Roberta will explain how CCIA Members are eligible to receive over $700 in products/services free!  

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The Ins & Outs of Insurance

Navigating the world of insurance as an investor takes some specialized knowledge. 

  • Where are your risks? 
  • What coverage is appropriate? 
  • You have had an incident/accident/loss. Are you insured? 
  •  You think you should be covered but your agent is telling you no.
  •  What are independent adjusters and how can they help.

Have you ever found yourself fixing a tenant problem (i.e., they left the unit trashed) and then finding out later that insurance should have covered the loss? Basically, you're paying twice! 

George Skidis  is not your average insurance agent... He's an investor and landlord with over 25 years experience in the insurance industry.  He's bought, sold, flipped, lease optioned, rented, remodeled, repaired, sided, rewired, plumbed, painted, managed, market and maintained his own units!  He truly understands RE investors and their challenges!

George is licensed as an insurance agent in Illinois and is a Licensed and Bonded Public Insurance Adjuster in both Illinois and Missouri  He has settled thousands of insurance losses totaling millions of dollars - many involving rental units & commercial property. He has been an Insurance Agent, Field Underwriter and Claims adjuster.  

As a Public Insurance Adjuster (P.A.) he represents the property owner against the insurance carrier actiing as the owner's representative.

 One thing that makes him unusually qualified to speak on this topic is that he started out as an insurance adjuster. He has looked at 10’s of thousands of properties damaged by fire, hail, flood and other perils. He has rented, flipped, held and sold single family homes, mobile homes and apartment buildings. 

George is on the Board of National REIA and has authored several books on landlording as well as teaching National REIA University programs on insurance. 

National REIA University


CCIA - Monthly Meeting Details:
Date:  Sunday, December 16th, 2018

Time:  5:30pm-9:00pm
The Embassy Suites, Lombard, IL
Members: CCIA members current on their dues attend FREE
Non-Members: $15/per person guest fee
Membership Plans: $99/1-year, $149/2-years (2nd person on membership is FREE)

5:00-5:30PM - Atrium

  • Network with Fellow Investors
  • Deal / Handout Table - Bring your flyers & business cards to advertise your deals or services
  • Vendors - Learn about products & services to build your team
  • "Ask The Accountant" Jim Cunningham - Cunningham & Co.

5:30PM - Main Meeting Room

  • Legislative Updates:  Jane Garvey 
  • Real Estate Strategies: Steve Smullin 
  • Property & Deal Presentations -- Come prepared -- what benefits do you seek?
  • Formal Networking


  • The Power of Self Directed IRAs:  Equity Trust
  •  The Ins & Outs of Insurance:  George Skidis