March 17th, 2019- CCIA Meeting

Vena Jones-Cox - Wholesaling in Today's Market

She's back! Vena Jones-Cox "The Real Estate Goddess" WHOLESALING & CREATIVE FINANCE



Everyone knows that wholesaling is the quickest and easiest way to put cash in your pocket in the real estate business. The problem is, most people don’t actually understand how to do wholesale deals when the market changes, like it’s doing right now.

A buyer’s market is good in some ways (more cheap properties available, and less competition) and bad in others (fewer buyers for your deals)—but when you know what to do, they can be the best markets of your life!

Vena Jones-Cox knows, because she’s made millions of dollars wholesaling houses in hot markets and cold. She’ll share her best in-the-trenches experience with us at our Sunday, March 17th meeting.  Be there to find out:

  • How wholesaling works today—it’s a very different business than it was even a year ago—and what you need to do to get started right now
  • Which properties in which areas make for the most profitable, easiest-to-sell wholesale deals, and which you should avoid because they’re huge time-wasters
  • How to make the right offer—the one that will make you $7,000, $10,000, or more in cash in just a few days—every time
  • How to put a property “under contract” in a no-risk way that allows you to get out if you can’t sell the deal, literally without using any of your own money
  • How to get your cash up front, before the closing, and never have to buy a wholesale deal before you sell it!

Vena is famous for her no-B.S. teaching and her ability to simplify tough concepts so that even a brand-new investor can easily grasp them.  Whether you’re a brand-new wholesaler or an experienced entrepreneur struggling to make more and better deals, you need to know what Vena knows about making even MORE money during the market slowdown. 

So bring a notepad, bring a friend, and get to this meeting—it will change your financial life forever!

How do we concisely explain who Vena Jones-Cox is...  How can we quickly sum up a quarter-century of investing experience?   Here is our answer:

  • We can say she's an Active, Full-Time RE Entrepreneur for over a quarter century - she's been a principal in well over a thousand deals and her business still does dozens of wholesale, creative finance and rental transactions per year...
  • We can say she's a multiple-time past president of the REIA of Greater Cincinnati, the Ohio REIA and the National REIA, and she's the current president of Central Ohio RE Entrepreneurs...
  • We can say she's the host of public radio's Real Life RE Investing, a popular live weekly public radio program and has a top-rated iTunes podcast on the topic...
  • We can say she's been featured in national publications including Smart Money Magazine, Reader's Digest and USA Today...
  • We can say she's a highly sought-after industry leader and passionate advocate of real estate entrepreneurship as a foundation to both personal financial independence and our country's freedoms...
  • We can say she's a FAVORITE guest speaker at REIA meetings throughout North America (where she particularly enjoys working with new investors)...
  • We can say she's been a guest lecturer at The Cato Institute think tank in Washington, DC on the negative effects of government over-regulation on private investors...

But, we will let Vena say it In her own words, "I'm a true, rabid believer in the idea that real estate investing is  the best way to achieve financial independence—at least for those of us  who aren’t going to inherit millions, invent the next iPhone, or win the  lottery."

Vena is fanatical about the idea that real estate investors, through  their activities in turning run down houses into pretty ones, and  providing affordable rental housing, and employing people, and paying  taxes, and a hundred other things that they do in the course of normal  business, are just about the best thing that ever happened to the world!

Join us Sunday, March 17th to meet Vena and discover:

  • What Creative Financing Really "is"
  • Why Creative Finance is IMPORTANT to your financial independence
  • How it's POSSIBLE for you... even if you're a New Investor, or "not creative"
  • What you'll need to learn / do to implement creative financing
  • Examples to inspire you!


CCIA - Monthly Meeting Details:
Date:  Sunday, March 17th, 2019

Time:  5:30pm-9:00pm
The Embassy Suites, Lombard, IL
Members: CCIA members current on their dues attend FREE
Non-Members: $15/per person guest fee
Membership Plans: $99/1-year, $149/2-years (2nd person on membership is FREE)

5:00-5:30PM - Atrium

  • Network with Fellow Investors
  • Deal / Handout Table - Bring your flyers & business cards to advertise your deals or services
  • Vendors - Learn about products & services to build your team
  • "Ask The Accountant" Jim Cunningham - Cunningham & Co.

5:30PM - Main Meeting Room

  • Legislative Updates:  Jane Garvey 
  • Real Estate Strategies: Steve Smullin 
  • Property & Deal Presentations -- Come prepared -- what benefits do you seek?
  • Formal Networking

KEYNOTE SPEAKER - Vena Jones-Cox - Wholesaling & Creative Financing