Equity Trust Virtual WORKSHOP - Wednesday APRIL 1ST


A Self-Directed IRA puts you in the driver's seat of your Financial Future!

Join John Bowens, Sr. National Education Speaker for Equity Trust as he reveals new strategies on How to Build Wealth and Save on Taxes by using your retirement accounts to invest in real estate!  

This will be a FREE two-hour Next Level Virtual Workshop, “How Equity Trust Clients are using their Retirement Accounts to Build Wealth and Save on Taxes” Wednesday, April 1, 2020 5:30pm (CT).

During this 2- hour Virtual Workshop John will share:

  • Real-life investment stories from actual self-directed IRA Investors
  • Detailed review of your specific situations and how a self-directed IRA investing can work to achieve your specific Goals 
  • How to partner your IRA with other accounts and even your personal funds
  • Roth Conversions
  • Real estate rehab & buy-and-hold strategies in your IRA
  • How self-directed investors are completing their transactions quickly and easily online
  • Creative note investing and more

This will be a comprehensive self-directed IRA virtual workshop, providing useful tools, resources, and insight into the methods used by Equity Trust clients.  The strategies discussed will demonstrate methods to potentially eliminate capital gains tax and ordinary income taxes within your real estate and or alternative investment assets through tax-advantaged retirement accounts. 

 You'll have the opportunity to leave this workshop with the knowledge to formulate and implement alternative investing into your financial plan. 

 Register today for the webinar on Wednesday, April 1, 5:30pm (CT) and receive a FREE GUIDE of 11 Self-Directed Investor Case Studies.