Sunday june 14th 2020 - CCIA Virtual Meeting

Sunday June 14th 2020

6:00 - 8:00pm CDT

featuring Larry Harbolt, Jane Garvey,  & More

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We will have all our regular programming... Legislative Updates (WOW!!!), Property Have/Wants, Vendor Features, Short Educational Topic and our Featured Speaker.  JOIN US!



Learn How To Buy with Creative Owner Financing and Sell with Creative Owner Financing

with Larry Harbolt

Truth is many investors only know one way to buy property… with Cash. With banks not lending to just anyone, where do investors turn? The  average investor can be dead in the water unless they know how to Buy with Creative Owner Financing and learn how to Sell with Creative Owner Financing. 

Larry Harbolt has over 35-plus years of experience doing just that. He has been called the Master at teaching how to buy houses with No Money and No Credit using Creative Owner Financing.


· Wholesale at Lightning Speed = Pay off Debts & Stabilize Cash Flow!

· Buy Properties Without Banks = No Credit and No Money!

· Become wealthy owning properties that are paid off in 8.3 years!

· Create non-recourse financing and never gamble again!

· Sell at lightning speed! Don't be a puppet to a bankers whim!

· Become wealthy and be done in 3-5 years!

· The key components of every successful real estate transaction

· What you need to think about before you ever make an offer to purchase

· What types of properties generate the most profit?

· The multiple different types of profit real estate can give you

· What are the key questions you MUST ask every seller?

· Killer negotiating strategies that rarely fail

· How to overcome your fear of talking to sellers

· Techniques when you have No Money and Less Than Good Credit

· Key factors about the paperwork you use that is critical to your deals

Larry is the real deal who uses what he teaches in his own business. Investors at all levels will benefit from the wisdom of this master! You don’t want to miss this meeting! 


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Virtual CCIA Meeting Sunday June 14th - 6:00pm - 8:00pm CDT

(Zoom Link to Come)

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