Full Day Workshop with Jason Roberts & Rachel Schneider

Video Invitation from Jason

Who better than Jason himself to invite you to attend his upcoming Full Day Workshop.  

Jason & Rachel have been to CCIA before and we can tell you... he does pack a 4-day bootcamp into 1 day of training!  His powerful energy will charge you up!

Hear what Jason has to say

A Step-by-Step Blueprint to Finding & Buying Houses Cheaper Than Anyone!


Saturday, September 22nd, 2018

NIU Naperville Campus

9am - 5pm - Full Day Training

Your Tuition includes Lunch!


Jason and Rachel are going to be taking you step by step through:

  • Converting unwanted properties into Big Checks with Probates (Their favorite strategy
  • Finding hidden Inventory from your Local Banks (One of Jason and Rachel’s student’s in Iowa has purchased 76 properties in the last 2 years with this strategy)
  • Getting huge discounts with Short Sales (One of their student’s is averaging over 100K in net profit per deal once a month for the last 14 months straight)
  • Turning your trash leads into cash flow with Lease Options (Learn how Jason and Rachel’s student with no real estate experience has created 800K in equity and close to 6K a month in positive cash flow and tens of thousands of dollars of upfront lease option fees with none of his own money)
  • Making sure that you have exhausted all channels of contacting a lead
  • How to set up follow-up marketing campaigns that will mean leads are hearing from you well after other investors have given up and why it is important to keep in contact
  • How to create marketing material that is both creative and different from the other 30 investors they have received marketing from
  • Tips on Tricks on ways to manage and track your marketing

Some of you may be thinking, “WOW that seems like a lot of work!”  Well in Jason & Rachel's bonus session they are going to show you:

  • How to structure your business so that all of this will only take 3 to 4 hours a week of your time!
  • How to make sure that when it comes time to start delegating tasks out you are hiring the right people
  • How to make sure you have a consistent paycheck coming in every month
  • And So much More!

So register today!!! Seating is limited and will go fast!

Full Day Training - REI Blueprint

Time:  9am-5pm

      Check-in opens at 8:30am  

Location:  NIU Naperville Campus 

Price:  $49 for CCIA Members (or 2 for $79 thru 8/20/18)  

Non-Member per-person price $79  Join CCIA and take advantage of the Member Pricing