November 18th, 2018 Meeting

Verella Osborne operates Legal Document Management Services, a Chicago Based Firm handling evictions

Leases, Evictions & More

Verella Osborne, President
Legal Document Management, Inc. in Chicago

5:30-9pm The Embassy Suites, Lombard
 Verella Osborne can frequently be found at our CCIA meetings -  typically with a crowd around her out in the foyer!   When she speaks,  people listen!  If there is anything to do with Landlord/Tenant matters,  Verella knows about it and is there on the front lines. She has more  than 30 years experience working with the Circuit, State & Federal  Courts, providing premier legal support services... everything from  Contracts to Evictions. 

Verella Osborne operates Legal Document Management Services, a Chicago based firm that handles the processing of evictions for many attorneys and landlords throughout the area.  She has her finger on the pulse of what is going on in the courts, as well as with landlords around the area.  She has developed a CLTO compliant lease that covers the bases for landlords. Verella spent many years as a landlord and is one of the few people that champions our cause politically as well as legally.  She also takes the time to answer our landlord tenant questions, guiding many a landlord through the jungle of tenant problems.

Join us November 18th for Networking, Education & to hear what Verella has to say about: 

  • Best Contract Language to make your leases more enforceable 
  • Making Sure You WIN Your Eviction Case 
  • How E-Filing is Affecting Things
  • The Mid-Term results & Much More

Get to know Verella...articles: