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Another National REIA Strategic Partner Benefit

Equity Trust - one of the nation's largest custodians for self-directed IRA's with 330,000 clients and over 30 billion in assets!

When you Join CCIA, members are eligible to receive over $700 in FREE products and services including:

  • FREE Self-Directed IRA for 1-full year:  Open a new self-directed IRA with Equity Trust and pay no annual maintenance fee for 1-full year ($205 minimum value)
  • Complementary National REIA Gold Level Service Membership:  1-year membership includes a dedicated point of contact and priority processing  ($249 value)
  • Free Jumpstart to Financial Freedom Home Study Course:  Ten valuable educational modules on topics ranging from self-directed IRA rules to real estate rehabbing in an IRA.
  • Digital Download of the #1 Ranked (on Amazon) book - Self-Directed IRAs:  Building Retirement Wealth Through Alternative Investing:  Showcases  diversification strategies that will change the way you think about  retirement investing and could change the course of your retirement  forever ($14.95 value)
  • Digital Download "Snapshot  of Self-Directed Investing" video-Jeff Desich, Vice-Chairman of Equity  Trust shares his insights into growing your wealth using your  self-directed IRA and other self-directed retirement accounts  ($19.95  values)
  • Bonus offer:  Receive a 25% discount on any Equity University education products



While self-directed IRAs continue to  grow in popularity because of the potential tax-advantages and ability  to invest in both traditional and alternative investments, many people  are just becoming aware of this powerful wealth-building tool.

In this Webinar Replay, Equity  Trust’s National Brand Ambassador, Roberta Hudy will provide a  101-level presentation on what a self-directed IRA is, how it works and  the potential advantages it may provide for investors and retirement  savers.

Roberta will reveal:

  • How a self-directed IRA is different from other IRAs
  • The potential tax advantages, including the difference between a Traditional and Roth IRA
  • Examples of Equity Trust clients investing with self-directed IRAs
  • Plus, a free educational resource for people looking to get started

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