The Home Depot


Another National REIA Strategic Partner Benefit


The Home Depot offers customized solutions &  tremendous savings for members of National REIA through their ProXtra  program.  NREIA Members receive a 2% annual rebate, 20% off interior  & exterior paints & primers, volume pricing, access to an  exclusive appliance & cabinet program and much more!

In addition to the 2% cash back rebate many of our members have enjoyed, CCIA members can also save with the:

Each of these discount programs  provides exceptional value to members that purchase average to large  volumes of goods and to those that purchase small amounts. Even  if a member doesn't hit the minimum* to earn the 2% rebate they can save  even more significantly through the three discount programs. Most  members appreciate receiving 15% - 20% off at purchase even more than  the 2% future rebate. 

Once you're a member of CCIA (Join Now), and join Home Depot’s ProXtra Loyalty  program, you can start earning towards a 2% rebate on your Home Depot purchases.  And that's on top of their already low  prices!  

Join The Home Depot's ProXtra Loyalty Program

Already a ProXtra Loyalty Customer? Sign in Here

  • Enroll to receive a potential semi- annual rebate on all qualifying pre-tax purchases*
  • Participating members with semi-annual net purchases of over $5,000 will receive a 2% rebate**
  • You  can register any form of payment accepted at The Home Depot – including  checking accounts, credit cards, debit cards, and The Home Depot  accounts
  • Rebates issued twice yearly, within 60 days of 6/30 & 12/31 ***
  • No cost to join and no minimum spending requirement


Guarantee Your NREIA Rebate

Register ALL forms of payment in ProXtra for your purchases:

  • Credit Cards: HD card, AMEX, Discover, Visa, MC
  • Home Depot Gift Cards: Rebate cards, Store Credit, Project Cards
  • Checking Accounts
  • Don't pay with cash, it cannot be tracked


  • Update/Review your information in the ProXtra Program frequently.
  • Don't use just your phone number.  HD cannot track your purchases by phone number, only by registered legal tender.
  • Don't remove any cards that have been registered in the program for at least a year.  If you remove a card, you remove the sales history!


*Accounts must be registered/enrolled through the website above to  receive rebate credit. **Minimum rebate period spend of $5,000 required  to receive a rebate from Home Depot.  ©2018 Homer TLC, Inc. All rights  reserved. The storage of account information by The Home Depot will be  done in accordance with the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), which  is a multifaceted security standard that includes, but is not limited  to, requirements for security management, policies, procedures, network  architecture, software design and other critical protective measures.  This comprehensive standard is intended to help organizations  proactively protect customer account data.

11% Rebate Portal

Did you know The Home Depot offers an 11% Rebate every month at select stores?