CCIA Actively Promotes The Legislative Interests of Real Estate Investors & Landlords

Laws  are constantly changing in the real estate industry. We need to stay  active legislatively to make sure that we comply with new laws, and work  with legislators to make the laws fair for all sides. CCIA promotes a  strong ethical standard in the Real Estate Industry. We work to  make sure that investors and landlords have a voice whenever possible,  promoting fair and balanced legislation. Real Estate Investors need to join and support an association like ours.   Your contribution will allow our association to fight for you to limit  the impact of bad laws and promote more laws that are beneficial laws  for your business. 

CCIA is a Chapter of The National REIA.  National's  legislative council is our advocate in Washington, DC. National REIA  also shares information relevant at the state and local level.

CCIA is also a Founding Member of The Illinois Rental Property Owners Association - IRPOA.  IRPOA's  Political Action Committee is the leading advocate for landlords and  investors in Springfield, and offers a platform for investors in groups  around the state to work on local issues.

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