Tips on Being a Cook County Compliant Housing Provider

Rent Perfect (A National REIA/CCIA Member Benefit) is launching a new screening process specifically designed for Cook County, IL. You will be able to mark a property as a Cook County property and the process and procedures offered by Rent Perfect will change to keep you in compliance with the new law.

This new podcast episode explains how this new process works.  We are calling it a "two phase" background check.  The folks at Rent Perfect are happy to assist our CCIA members with this new proc

Rent Perfect - JUST Housing Legal Updates Podcast

David Pickron and Denny Dobbins recently filmed an episode for Rent Perfect's podcast going over the new Chicago Cook County JUST Housing rules.

Cook County Rental Worksheet

David Pickron at Rent Perfect put together this Cook County Rental worksheet to help landlords comply with the New Cook County JUST Housing Ordinance.

Review the Worksheet Here or Download The Document Below

Free e-Book "Steer Clear of Your Next Eviction"


"Steer Clear of Your Next Eviction"

A guide for Rental Property Owners

Rent Perfect is excited to share a free copy of this new eBook.  David Pickron, President of Rent Perfect, shares over 20 year of knowledge in this book.  It's overflowing with great advice for landlords - both new and seasoned! 

Learn some common mistakes made during the application process, costly red flags and money-saving tips to help you steer clear of your next eviction.

Rent Perfect - An Investigative Screening Company


Another National REIA Strategic Partner Benefit

Rent Perfect is the solution rental property owners  & managers have been crying out for!  Their Online Lease Agreement  allows you to send your tenant(s) a customized lease agreement,  electronically & securely.  They offer the most accurate &  thorough credit & background screening available.  NREIA members  receive a discounted 95¢ set up fee.

If you take tenant screening seriously – and every real estate  investor should – then you need the best tool available to help you  protect your property and get the peace of mind you deserve.

Getting and staying at full occupancy is an important goal for any  real estate and property management business, but not just any renter  will do – you want the perfect tenants for your unit or location.

The best way to find qualified renters is by using a reliable tenant screening tool, along with a comprehensive tenant background check. With the Rent Perfect Connect system, this tenant screening process  is made incredibly easy. Just enter in your applicant’s email address,  and as soon as they complete the necessary paperwork online (even  through their mobile phone) you’ll get instant access to a report with:

  • Full credit check through Experian
  • Criminal record with convictions
  • Prior address history

Even better, within 4 to 6 business hours you’ll get a thorough tenant background check that includes:

  • A thorough and comprehensive report
  • Verification by our trained private investigators
  • Customized rental agreement recommendations based on your criteria

With Rent Perfect, screening and  managing tenants couldn’t be easier. When a potential renter says “I’ll  take it” to one of your properties, you simply collect their email  address. We’ll send them an online application, which they can complete  immediately via any computer, tablet, or smart phone. Applicants pay the  $35 fee directly to us, and you get instant access to your applicant’s  report, including:

  • Criminal Record
  • Past Evictions
  • Credit History
  • Government Watchlist
  • Sex Offender Registries

In addition to this immediate report, our team of live investigators  will check real-time data in jurisdictions that don’t show up on instant  reports, so you can be sure the profile you’re getting is accurate and  up-to-date.

Once you have found the right renter, just forward them a copy of our  state-specific lease, which they can sign electronically. Then, let  Rent Perfect help you get insurance and collect rent quickly and  affordably over the Internet…

Build By A Landlord, For Landlords

Build By A Landlord, For Landlords

Build By A Landlord, For Landlords


Being a landlord can be stressful and overwhelming. Click the video above to find out how that can all change!

The Move-In/Move-Out Process

Build By A Landlord, For Landlords

Build By A Landlord, For Landlords

Rent Perfect's Move In-Move Out Process

Introducing "MI-MO", our customizable Move-In, Move-Out inspection  process for your property(s), all done from a smart phone or tablet.

Rent Perfect Mobile App

Build By A Landlord, For Landlords

Rent Perfect Mobile App


Announcing  the launch of the new Rent Perfect iPhone app! (Don't worry fellow Android friends, the Google Play app will be available soon.) 

Download the App

Watch Our Video

Article by John Triplett

Rent Perfect Mobile App


The wrong tenant can turn your life upside down.  And evicting a tenant is a long and tedious process.  

Don't let applicants fool you!


ISC Red Flag Series

Article by John Triplett

Article by John Triplett


10 Part Video Series for Landlords including:

  • It's Just Not Adding Up
  • Dodging The Questions
  • and much more!  Watch Now

Article by John Triplett

Article by John Triplett

Article by John Triplett

Can a Landlord Say No Guns In My Apartment?

Generally a private landlord can make a decision about whether to say  “no guns in my apartments,” unless a state  forbids landlords from  banning guns in apartments or rental property, according to Denny  Dobbins, general legal counsel and vice president of

Read The Full Article

How Does Rent Perfect Work?

When you Join CCIA, members can sign up with Rent Perfect for just $0.95! (one time fee.)  CCIA sends you a link for the discount.

The applicant completes an online application and pays the $35 feeThe applicant agrees to order their credit and background reports and share the results with the landlord.
The landlord views the credit and background results in their account.

$35 screening includes:

  • Full Experian credit report with credit score
  • Preliminary instant database criminal check
  • Address history report
  • Investigative criminal and eviction background report from a Rent Perfect private investigator
  • Adverse Action letter
  • Custom application questions

Additional services available:
Once  an applicant completes the screening landlords have the option to  continue to prepare an online lease agreement, get set up to receive  online rent payments, and tenants can purchase a discounted renters  insurance policy though their tenant portal.
Digital Lease agreements

  • Use the Rent Perfect standard lease template or make changes and add sections of your own to create a custom lease template.
  • Tenants view and sign online

Online rent payments

  • Landlords can set up their rent pay account for FREE
  • Processing fees can be paid by the tenants

Tenant must complete the screening process in order to use the rent pay service.
Renters Insurance for tenants

  • Property insurance policies available for additional cost covering up to $75,000 of personal property.
  • Landlords are listed as an interested party on the policy

Skip Tracing Tool

  • Tool to track down a previous tenant who still owes a landlord money
  • Name and social security number required from a previous rental application