Learning Strategies


Learning Strategies

Success and happiness require inner change

To  change something in your life, you need to change what’s going on in  your inner mind. This is your subconscious mind, which we call your  non-conscious mind.

Whether you want financial success, peak  performance, or more respect in your career… whether you want balanced  emotions or greater health and well-being… whether you want positive and  satisfying relationships or spiritual connection… You must make  changes, shifts, and enhancements to your inner life.

  • Professional Development - Would you like to improve your memory?  Learn a new Language?  
  • Memory Optimizer - Are you bad at remembering facts?  People/Faces? When you understand how your memory works, you can begin to improve it.
  • Paraliminals - Audio tools designed to help your non-conscious mind learn new ways of responding to what is going on in your world.

For  four decades, the programs of Learning Strategies have helped millions  just like you get more from life. These programs give you the  strategies, inspiration, and guidance for your non-conscious mind so you  experience noticeable results in your everyday life.

Founded  in 1981 as a consulting and training company, Learning Strategies  Corporation has evolved into a premier provider of self-improvement,  education, and health programs. No other publisher in this field has  their unique expertise, spends as much time and money researching and  developing, or gives as much personal attention and energy to their  programs. That's why companies spend as much as $30,000 to hear their  co-founder, Paul R. Scheele, speak for just 45 minutes on maximizing  individual potential.