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CCIA Monthly Meeting - Sunday August 19th, 2018

Chicago's REIA presents The Power of Zero August 19th, 2018


Chris McClatchey is a Nationally recognized Real Estate Education specialist who teaches individuals how to build and maintain Real Wealth through the use of Real Estate Investments.  Chris prides himself on the ability to educate investors on how to build multi-million dollar RE portfolios using creative financing techniques, private lenders, partnerships and retirement accounts.

  • Generate Zero (0) Money down leads
  • Having properties free & clear in as little as two years
  • Analyze the deal and stay in control
  • Finding the private money you need to complete your deals
  • Negotiate to get seller held financing at 0%
  • Word your contracts to eliminate the seller's defense mechanisms
  • Deal Analysis That Works!!!

Sunday, August 19th, 2018  5:30pm

The Embassy Suites - Lombard IL

Full Day Training August 25th, 2019

Chicago's REIA brings you the most brilliant minds and ideas in real estate


How to Build and Maintain Real Wealth Through The Use of RE Investments

  • Tired of a lack of inventory on the MLS?
  • Tired of being in Multiple-Offer Situations?
  • Tired of not getting any Deals?

There is a better way!

Let Chris McClatchey walk you through his proven system to get as many leads that will turn into as many deals as you can handle!

  • How you can find deals with No Money Down
  • How you fill find leads other investors can't
  • Strategies that will get you properties FREE & CLEAR in a few years
  • And Much Much Much more!!!

Saturday, August 25th, 2018  9am-5pm

NIU Naperville Campus

CCIA Monthly Meeting - Sunday, Sept. 16th, 2018

Jason Roberts and Rachel Schneider have always been fascinated by the world of real estate.  In their early 20's they opened a Mortgage Company closing over 3000 RE transactions! After the market crash, they focused their energy on Real Estate Investing Strategies - Pre-Foreclosures/Short Sales, Wholesales, Probates, etc. - They have currently closed well north of 300+ RE transactions!  They are young and innovative and always looking for creative ways to acquire, market & nurture leads no one is using.  

Join Us Sunday, September 16th to hear Jason & Rachel share their strategies for acquiring properties using their REI Blueprint.

  • Steps for finding Great Leads
  • Attention Grabbing Letters
  • Easy to Follow Scripts
  • Managing Leads Start to Finish
  • And much more!

Full Day Training - Saturday, Sept. 22nd, 2018

The Power of Knowledge Combined With Massive Action.

Let's say you know your way around a table saw.  What if someone told you "here's your hammer, now go build a house."  What would you say?

If you had no clue what to do, you might walk away.  But if you were a little handy you might ask, "where's the plans?" 

Without plans, you wouldn't know to build a 500 square foot tiny home or a 5,000 square foot McMansion.  You wouldn't know where to begin.

Little stretch on the metaphor, but it's kinda the same way around the whole real estate investing business.  You may not know where to begin, and if you do, you might like some help with the direction - a blueprint.

Jason & Rachel will pack 4-days of information into this one day workshop!

It's their Step-by-Step Blueprint to Finding and Buying Houses cheaper than anyone else!  Join us and discover how to:

  • Convert unwanted property into BIG checks
  • Find "hidden" inventory from your local banks
  • Turn Trash Leads into Cash Flow
  • Follow up with Leads using Marketing strategies that work
  • Set up your business so that you're only spending 4 hours a week!
  • And so much more