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CCIA Meeting Sunday January 19th, 2020 5:30pm - 9pm


Mastering The Art of Probate Investing

with Jim Banks

Jim Banks is an expert at buying and selling probate property. Probate is a little-known market where you can buy real estate and other valuables for up to 60% (and more) below market making thousands in profit when you sell. This market is continually under-served. It has little or no competition and is full of properties that NEED to be sold. It’s a market where you can find trillions of dollars in real estate that hasn’t been exposed to the general public. Exposure is the enemy of investors trying to grab deals. 

Jim will show you how to build your own probate business; how to find properties; best practices for buying and selling; and how to maximize your profits. Probate is a lucrative bucket that never empties! 

All Day Workshop - Saturday February 22nd, 2020 9am-5pm


The latest in the ongoing series, Brainstorming & Problem Solving

Exploring Profits & Opportunities in Commercial Real Estate

Hosted by Jame Garvey

Featuring Steve Smullin

In Exploring Profits and Opportunities in Commercial Real Estate we'll address the question,  "What is Commercial Real Estate?". 

We'll identify profit centers and common areas of loss. 

We'll explore the language of commercial real estate and look at how the little guy can profit in BIG DEALS. 

Many of the concepts presented are applicable to both residential and commercial profits.

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