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August 18th,
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Meetings & Special Events

CCIA Meeting Sunday August 18th, 2019


Wholesaling, Student Housing, Multi-Family Investing, Legislative Panel Discussion  & More

led by M. Jane Garvey

We  have a great meeting planned for you this Sunday night, August 18th.

Wrapping Our Brains Around It
Public Act 101-0357, previously known as SB-1872 threw an unexpected wrench in the works for investors last week with a  new law affecting many investors.  Jane Garvey and a panel of local  experts will be discussing your options and some of the implications of  the new law affecting contracts, assignments, options and marketing.   Join us!

Marv's Deal or No Deal

Susan's Experience in Student Housing

Property Deals

Networking for Net Worth

and Much More!

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CCIA Meeting Sunday September 15th 5:30pm-9pm



with  Mr. Landlord - Jeffrey Taylor

Jeffrey Taylor is a best selling author, landlord coach, a successful landlord with over 25 years experience and founder of – one of the most visited landlord Q&A websites in the nation for rental owners.

Would you like to do far more than just survive as a landlord and eliminate your landlording headaches?  Jeffrey Taylor will show you how to fill your vacancies fast, even in a competitive market.  Known nationwide as “Mr. Landlord”, Jeffrey Taylor has taught thousands of real estate investors, landlords and managers how to fill their vacancies in just 72 hours and keep residents for many years.  If you’re ready to hear from someone who has a waiting list of ideal residents, then you can’t miss Jeffrey’s presentation!

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