Meeting Vendors

CCIA's Vendor Area is in the atrium area outside our meeting room.

 Meeting vendors have the  opportunity showcase their products and services and have direct face  time with our members.

  • Vendors  that arrive and set up on time (5:00pm) can catch the crowd as  they enter the hall.  Many attendees even choose to stay out in the lobby to network  and talk with our vendors after our meeting begins!
  • The  next opportunity to catch the crowd is during the break between  sessions.  Roughly this is anywhere from 15-20 minutes around 6:45pm.   This is when the activity really heats up! 
  • Vendors  that stay till the very end (anywhere from 8:45-9:30) have the  opportunity to talk to people one last time as they exit the hall.  Not  everyone is in a hurry to leave.  Some stick around networking after the meeting.