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Chicago's Morning Answer Interview with Jane Garvey

Why Rent Control is Bad For Everyone

Dear CCIA Members & Friends,

Recently I was interviewed by Ed Kirch, CEO of Kirch Property Management regarding Rent Control.  

We need your help to make this Issue go Viral!  To get the word out about and help people understand why Rent Control is BAD for Everyone!

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    This is an urgent issue and the more we speak out, the better!

Below is the information we previously sent out on OPPOSE Lifting the Ban on Rent Control, and some NEW Rent Control bills. This is going to be a tough fight and we need to be ready.

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Jane Garvey


Stakeholders Urge Caution On Repealing State Ban

Illinois is one of 37 U.S. states with a ban on rent control. The  1997 Illinois Rent Control Preemption Act prohibits municipalities from  enacting, maintaining or enforcing measures that control the amount of  rent charged for a residential property. A bill in the Illinois House  proposes to repeal the ban; the much-discussed topic was an issue in the  last Illinois governor's race, and most recently, among current Chicago  mayoral candidates. Crain's Custom Media checked with four local  experts to get their views on how lifting the ban and implementing rent  control might impact Chicagoland renters, property owners, taxpayers and  communities.

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Please read these bills.  When talking to your representatives, please oppose:
OPPOSE: HB0255 - Repeal the Rent Control Preemption Act (Repeals the Rent Control Preemption Act)
OPPOSE: HB2192 - Rent Control Tenancy Procedure (Establishes 6 rent control boards - tenant dominated boards set the rents)
OPPOSE: HB-2299 - Eviction - Seal & Impound Files
OPPOSE: HB-0926 - Human Rights - Source of Income
OPPOSE: HB3207 - Rent Control Act (Establishes a rent control board in every county - tenant dominated boards set the rents)
OPPOSE: HB2217 - Property Tax-Income Producing Property - It would require income producing property to provide an Income & Expense data sheet annually to the county assessor.
OPPOSE: SB0032  - Mobile Home Landlord Tenant (Rent control allowing communities with  less than 1 million population to impose Rent Control on Mobile Home  Parks)
OPPOSE: SB2063 - Rent Control Preemption Act (Repeals the Rent Control Preemption Act)

This is not just a Chicago issue... the entire State of Illinois is at risk.  Repealing the state-wide ban could mean:

Rent Control Means:

  • You may no longer set the rent amount for your property. That decision will be decided by a Rent Control Board, primarily made up of tenants and tenant attorneys.
  • You may no longer raise rent without permission of the Rent Control Board
  • You may no longer use the profit of your business as you see fit. 10% of your profit must be escrowed for a repair fund.
  • You may not refuse to renew a lease unless you pay the tenant’s relocation fees amounting to thousands of dollars.
  • Who pays for the Rent Control Board? You do. You must pay an annual tax for each unit that you own. 

Do you want your property rights ripped from you and handed to bureaucrats?


Property rights are a fundamental value.  Capitalism has made our country strong.  Encouraging economic growth benefits all the citizens of Illinois.  But now these principles are under attack.

Rent control will DISCOURAGE investment and development, thus reducing housing availability and property value.

When do we say enough?  What will it take for you to act?  The time for action is now!


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