THANK YOU - Finally Some Good News

Thank you to all of you who filed Witness Slips, contacted your Legislators, etc., on the issue of Rent Control... THE MESSAGE GOT THROUGH - THE BILLS FAILED TO PROGRESS OUT OF COMMITTEE.  This is a BIG Win for Everyone!

Celebrate for a moment, but keep telling people about why Rent Control is bad for everyone. The proponents are intent on getting this through, so we don't know when, where, or how they will try next, but we need to stay vigilant and prepared. The more of our legislators who understand what bad policy it is, the easier it will be to stop it in the future. If your legislators have helped sponsor these bills, see if you can talk to them. Talk to them about some of the articles about it on our website, and the "91 Ways…" list. If you can't get their "ear", send them the articles and the list anyway.

Thanks for your support,
Jane Garvey

Rent Control Press Conference

Property owners argue against proposals to have rent control imposed,  that would limit landlords from increasing rents on existing tenants.

Chicago's Morning Answer Interview with Jane Garvey

flipping america - interview with jane garvey

A little while back Flipping America did a show on  Chicago and one of the guests was CCIA's President, Jane Garvey. This is an extended interview and focuses some of the time on rent control. Jane thinks they are  not the answer for affordable housing and offers up 91 reasons why they  are not.   Listen Now


Why Rent Control is Bad For Everyone

Dear CCIA Members & Friends,

Recently I was interviewed by Ed Kirch, CEO of Kirch Property Management regarding Rent Control.  

We need your help to make this Issue go Viral!  To get the word out about and help people understand why Rent Control is BAD for Everyone!

  • Watch the video...
  • Post it on your Social Media...
  • Encourage all your friends, family & business acquaintances (even your tenants) to share this video...
    This is an urgent issue and the more we speak out, the better!

Below is the information we previously sent out to OPPOSE Lifting the Ban on Rent Control, and some of the proposed Rent Control bills. This has been a tough fight that will continue.  

Thanks for your support
Jane Garvey


ALL OF THE FOLLOWING PROPOSED BILLS ARE STALLED AT  RULE 19(a) - Meaning they won't be called for consideration until the fall veto session at the earliest:
OPPOSE: HB0255 - Repeal the Rent Control Preemption Act (Repeals the Rent Control Preemption Act)
OPPOSE: HB2192 - Rent Control Tenancy Procedure (Establishes 6 rent control boards - tenant dominated boards set the rents)
OPPOSE: HB3207 - Rent Control Act (Establishes a rent control board in every county - tenant dominated boards set the rents)
OPPOSE: SB0032  - Mobile Home Landlord Tenant (Rent control allowing communities with  less than 1 million population to impose Rent Control on Mobile Home  Parks)
OPPOSE: SB2063 - Rent Control Preemption Act (Repeals the Rent Control Preemption Act)

This is not just a Chicago issue... the entire State of Illinois is at risk.  Rent Control Means:

  • You may no longer set the rent amount for your property. That decision will be decided by a Rent Control Board, primarily made up of tenants and tenant attorneys.
  • You may no longer raise rent without permission of the Rent Control Board
  • You may no longer use the profit of your business as you see fit. 10% of your profit must be escrowed for a repair fund.
  • You may not refuse to renew a lease unless you pay the tenant’s relocation fees amounting to thousands of dollars.
  • Who pays for the Rent Control Board? You do. You must pay an annual tax for each unit that you own. 

Do you want your property rights ripped from you and handed to bureaucrats?


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